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The South San Francisco Police Department Advised Me to Seek a Restraining Order Against Hamish Eisler

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       Over the course of nine months my staff and I had many conversations with Mr. Eisler about his child's poor behavior and the multiple disciplinary write-ups.  Other Ponderosa parents witnessed the extremely bad behavior of Mr. Eisler's child. 
       When these parents commented on Yelp in agreement with my decision to expel: Mr. Eisler responded by posting sarcastic verbal attacks on them.
       In a recent Yelp review Hamish Eisler states:  
       "Parental bias aside, we have a pretty mild kid, with standard 3 year-old issues."    And   "Parents, our kid is no terror.  She is a happy and talkative 3 year old and at most she was a distraction in the classroom."
    But in one of his many online comments,
Hamish Eisler reveals he does indeed believe
his child has a behavior disorder.



       Now that his posting has been highlighted, Hamish Eisler has once again  resorted to sarcasm and name-calling while trying to pass his comment off as a joke.

       I understand parenting can be very frustrating at times.  But I always caution parents to remember their children spend more of their waking hours at school and in day care than they do at home. This unequal time ratio gives teachers a unique perspective into childhood behavior. 
      I teach preschoolers out of choice not out of necessity. Yes, my staff and I greet all students and their parents with "smiles and reassurances everyday at drop-off and pickup."  And yes, we always tell parents their children are "doing well,"  because out of love we highlight the best in people not the worst.
       As educators we know the human psyche responds more favorably to compliments than criticism. But we also repeatedly tell  parents when their child is having serious social and disciplinary problems at school. This is why we have parents sign the  "Unusual Incident Report" forms.
       We treat all parents and their children with love and respect because we hope the best for all children.  This despite the fact we had probably been forced that very day to spend unnecessary time and energy, cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, tables, chairs, rugs and floors because of a student's "distracting" behavior and repeated "potty accidents."  
       And yes, I always maintain my composure as the "warm matronly owner" despite the fact I sometimes have to spend extra money buying new supplies to replace the expensive Montessori materials an unruly student destroys. Unfortunately, our best efforts were not enough to satisfy the Eisler family. 
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