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The South San Francisco Police Department Advised Me to Seek a Restraining Order Against Hamish Eisler

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Two Minor "Deficiencies" - Two Simple Solutions

"Children  who can not respect their fellow classmates are not well-suited for the Montessori classroom."

Dr. Maria Montessori

          Hamish Eisler filed his complaint on January 30, 2013.  Licensing visited me on April 30, 2013.    As these documents show: I explained the high chair was used for about 20 minutes a day during worksheet sessions only.  The chair was needed to protect other students from Hamish Eisler's child.

          I also explained I uploaded the disciplinary form to correct Hamish Eisler's untruthful online recounting of events.  Hamish falsely claimed he was never informed of any behavior problems. I thought I was making a private response to Hamish.


The two minor deficiencies were administrative non-penalty infractions.

          The true nature of these events were not a high priority for the Licensing board.   My file laid dormant until 5-days before its mandated  90-day completion time.  Hamish Eisler's claim that Licensing "took the unprecedented step of calling in legal counsel" is a deceitful exaggeration.  
          The agency attorney reviews ALL deficiencies as a matter of routine.
My case was not given special attention.  The minor deficiencies that I corrected in January 2013 were officially labeled as "cleared" on July 25th.

"The Montessori student must be respectful, kind and willing to share."

       Dr. Maria Montessori