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The South San Francisco Police Department Advised Me to Seek a Restraining Order Against Hamish Eisler

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       In 2012, Hamish Eisler's child was placed on silent probation  for aggressive and unruly behavior.  During the probationary period:  I allowed his child to use the high chair  pictured in Photo #1 as a separate work desk. The high chair was used during written worksheet sessions for 15 - 20 minutes each day. 

       The high chair prevented Mr. Eisler's child from spitting on and hitting other children and destroying their worksheets.  His child was able to get in and out of the chair on her own.

Otherwise: Mr. Eisler's child sat in the chair pictured below or at the larger tables and chairs in other classrooms. 

          Hamish Eisler knew about the high chair arrangement for quite some time.  However, as soon as I expelled his child he made the false claim to licensing that I used "special straps" to confine my students in their chairs.  He repeated this same untruthful and vicious statement  in many of his online posts.

          When my evaluator visited me I was informed licensing has an "unwritten" policy that highchairs  are  "for feeding purposes only."  
This "unwritten" policy disallows highchair trays from being used for coloring, writing, learning materials or anything other than eating.

       This minimal "deficiency" fell under the general category of "personal rights" violation.  
I appealed this decision,  because child care providers have never been informed of this "unwritten"  highchair policy.

  No Administrative Action Was Taken  Against Me
         After his child's expulsion, Hamish Eisler added my school to multiple consumer websites.  He then posted several untruthful reviews of my school.

          His postings misrepresented facts concerning his child's disciplinary write-ups and a particular disciplinary report he signed.  When I responded to his online criticisms, I included a true copy of the 1-page form he misrepresented.  The form did not contain his address

 I didn't know my response was public.
I thought I was making a private reply to him.
        I received a reprimand for placing his child's information in the public media.  This minimal "deficiency" also fell under the general category of "personal rights" violation.  I appealed that decision as well, because it was Mr. Eisler who first placed his child's personal information on the internet.  I merely responded to his false claims.

                No Administrative Action Was Taken  Against Me

       Mr. Eisler is the one who added my business to Yelp.  He now claims Yelp deleted comments by my aides and me because I made up "fake assistant Yelp profiles."  His claim is untrue.

               My employee's positive Yelp reviews were deleted because Yelp does not allow employee reviews.   No one from Ponderosa Montessori spoke badly about his child. 

         My comments were deleted because I posted them in the  general "Comments" field. I should have posted them in the "Add Owner Comment" section. 

       I have updated my Yelp response in the proper field and contrary to another one of Mr. Eisler's false reports:  I have not been "banned" from Yelp.  My school's most recent Yelp response is dated October 30, 2014. The posting was made on my behalf in response to Hamish Eisler's inappropriate contact and harassment of my current clients.

        Mr. Eisler has also made many false claims his "legal representation" made me alter my website.  In actuality: when Hamish saw this site he went to the Burgoyne Law Group in San Francisco. Attorney Hank Burgoyne contacted me, demanding I shut the website down. I informed Mr. Burgoyne as long as Hamish keeps publishing lies: I would continue to exercise my 1st Amendment right to defend my school against Hamish's defamation.  I never heard from Hank Burgoyne again.