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The South San Francisco Police Department Advised Me to Seek a Restraining Order Against Hamish Eisler

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           Hamish Eisler's internet reviews of Ponderosa Montessori are inaccurate narratives filled with untruths and exaggerations.   You can read the official licensing documents regarding his child on page 3 of this site: "Child Care Licensing."   State guidelines allow the public viewing of these documents.

          The Eisler child was enrolled in my care for about 6-months in 2012.  After repeated parental warnings and no improvement in their child's poor conduct: I terminated their preschool contract. On the evening of the termination Hamish Eisler added my school to Yelp and other consumer websites and began posting false information about my school and me. 

              It's been 2-years since Hamish Eisler published his 1-star reviews of my school.  Sadly, he's still using the internet to defame and denigrate the beautiful  Montessori learning environment my staff and I have lovingly created.

          On Saturday, October 4, 2014, Hamish Eisler "took issue" with the family of a currently enrolled student.   He contacted them via Yelp because he objected to their recent 5-star rating.  He reiterated many of the same falsehoods listed in his Yelp postings: oppressively insisting this family is happy with my school because they have been cleverly "mislead"  by me.

        His communiques included  links to the Facebook pages of my relatives who live on the east coast.  He also sent information about unrelated U.S. patents that are registered to me.  He claims to have provided "evidence" to  interested parents who  (thanks to him)  "steered clear" of my school.  He also admitted to setting up "change software" to monitor my business websites.   When he realized the family informed me of his strange and unethical conduct, Hamish sent harassing emails to them in retaliation.

         Mr. Eisler is an independent software devceloper.  Because I determined his child was not suitable for my Montessori preschool, he's spent the past two years trolling  the internet collecting innocuous data on the private lives of my family and me.  Every Ponderosa Montessori parent, associate and staff member believes Mr. Eisler is mentally unstable.   Anyone who puts credence in his reviews or accepts "evidence" from him should question his state-of-mind, his motives and the authenticity of any document he provides.

         Ponderosa Montessori is a wonderful and affordable Montessori school.  My staff and I work very hard to give our students the best education possible.   We wish the Eisler family  success and future happiness and we welcome the day Hamish Eisler stops his pattern of harassment and defamation.

Mrs. King

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