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          This is the chair that prevented the Eisler child from spitting on and hitting other children and destroying their worksheets.  Otherwise: Hamish's child sat at larger tables and chairs in our other classrooms. 
            Hamish Eisler started his cyber battle with me in 2012.  It's now 2015.  His ongoing actions have caused many to pause and ask: has the moral fiber of our society degenerated to the point where even preschool teachers must fear parental reprisal?
          Ponderosa Montessori has continued to thrive despite Mr. Eisler's boisterous and defamatory conduct.  My staff and I remain committed to the belief every preschooler deserves a solid academic foundation. 

          I hope Mr. Eisler  will someday come to appreciate the many sacrifices my staff, students and parent body made in support of my diligent efforts to educate his child.
 Mrs. E. King