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The South San Francisco Police Department Advised Me to Seek a Restraining Order Against Hamish Eisler

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       This website was created in response to Hamish Eisler's many defamatory comments and reviews.  Hamish has used as his primary platform for defamation.  Because Yelp limits owner responses to 5,000 words or less: this site was needed to adequately refute Hamish's false claims.  

          Hamish's child attended my school for about 6-months in 2012.  During her entire enrollment: his child presented one disciplinary problem after another.  After many write-ups and no improvement in behavior:  my staff and I were left with no option but to expel his child.

           Immediately after the expulsion Hamish added my business to Yelp and other websites and began posting false information about my school and me.  It's been more than 2 years since Hamish started his campaign
of defamation.  Now he's using the internet to harass my current clients.

          On Saturday, October 4, 2014, Hamish  "took issue" with the family of a currently enrolled student.   He contacted them via Yelp because he objected to their recent 5-star review.   He repeated the same false allegations contained in his Yelp reviews: oppressively insisting this family is only happy with my school because they have been cleverly "mislead" by me.
          His communiques to my clients included unrelated details about my adult children and “screenshots” of the Facebook pages of my relatives who live on the east coast.  He also included information about patents for a women's clothing line my family and I own.  His report contained nothing scandalous, but in Hamish’s mind this was enough “evidence to prove my (heinous) lies."

          Hamish also admitted to setting up "change software" that not only monitors my school websites, but monitors the business websites of my family members as well.  When he realized my clients reported these things to me, Hamish retaliated by sending them harassing messages chastising them for betraying his trust.

          My staff and I caution anyone who puts credence in Hamish's reviews or accepts “screenshots”  from him: to question his state-of-mind, his motives and the authenticity of any document he provides.
In reality: there’s no way for you to know if his documents have been digitized, transposed, cut and pasted or otherwise fraudulently created. 

          I’ve been a Montessori teacher for more than 30-years.  During that time I've educated hundreds of children. The overwhelming majority of my clients have been very happy with the service I provide.  Unfortunately, the Eisler's child was not a good fit for our school.   We hope Hamish will soon come to understand Montessori is not for everyone and that it's time to let these old matters rest. 

         We wish the Eisler family every success and future happiness.
And we welcome the day Hamish stops his campaign of  defamation and harassment.
Mrs. King

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